Best Stroller Rain Cover: Bemece Stroller Rain Cover

Bemee’s stroller rain cover was the best rain-proof cover we could find after testing several options. It was the most easy to use and scored the highest when it came to the most important feature any rain cover should have: keeping baby dry!

What We Liked

• Zippered window allows for quick access. One pain with standard stroller rain covers we tested: in order to access your child, you have to remove or pull back the entire cover. This cover has an access panel that zips open and closed so you don’t have to do that! Brilliant.

• No leaks. The waterproof zipper did what it said—no water came in, even with moderate rain.

• Straps hold cover in place in case of wind.

• Three available sizes plus an included mosquito net, which is a nice bonus.

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t fit all strollers. But that’s a problem with many stroller covers we tested—one size doesn’t fit all.

• Doesn’t work well when a car seat is attached to the stroller. 

• Performance in wind was underwhelming. When we tested this cover in rain with a slight wind, the straps that are supposed to hold the cover down just didn’t do their job.

• Sizing is confusing. We appreciate that this cover comes in three sizes, but there isn’t much of an explanation as to which sizes fit which strollers. The “medium” size seems to work for most folks.

Best Budget-Friendly Stroller Rain Cover: Alphabetz Stroller Rain Cover

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple—Alphabetz’s stroller rain cover is just that. An affordable option that does what it says! Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Durable. One concern we had with budget-friendly stroller covers is durability—do they tear? Will they last more than one rain season? We’re happy to report this one passed our durability tests.

• Side air holes for venting.

• Affordable and easy to put on.

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t fit larger jogging strollers. This cover worked well for most standard-size strollers, but not larger jogging or running strollers.

• Wind + rain= no go. This stroller cover has no straps to hold it down in the wind.

• Somewhat short. We noticed that on some strollers we tried, this cover came up a bit short, failing to keep the footrest area out of the rain.

• Have to take entire cover off to access child. That’s a trade-off with the price, of course.

Best Sustainable Stroller Cover: Hrzeem Stroller Rain Cover

If you’re concerned with the amount of plastic most rain covers use (and let’s be honest—most of them are made of plastic), here’s an alternative we’d recommend: Hrzeem’s cover is made from “food-grade EVA,” not vinyl or PVC. Basically, it’s a more eco-friendly material than straight plastic. One advantage to this material: it didn’t smell when we first removed it from its packaging! Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Zippered window provides access to child. You don’t have to take off the entire cover to access your child.

• Scratch-resistant. This cover ships with a removable protective film that keeps the cover from scratching—nice touch!

• Easy to use. This cover kept the rain out in our tests, yet still had ventilation panels to let air in.

What’s Needs Work

• Long term durability could be improved. In talking with parents who use this cover, we heard concerns that the cover wasn’t as durable as folks hoped—it can fall apart after a rainy season or two. We’re not sure what is to blame for this—perhaps the more earth-friendly material just isn’t as durable as other options.

Best Double Stroller Rain Cover: Aligle Twin Stroller Raincoat

Finding stroller covers for double strollers was a challenge: there weren’t enough options out there, sorry to report. The best one we found was Algile’s “twin stroller raincoat.” It is designed for side-by-side strollers and impressed us in our rain tests. Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• Simple to use. This cover fits many popular double strollers and is easy to put over a stroller.

• Affordable.

What’s Needs Work

• Doesn’t work on tandem (front/back) doubles. Some double strollers have a front/back configuration for seating—these are called tandem strollers. This cover doesn’t work for that kind of double.

• Foot coverage is skimpy, especially for older kiddos. This cover came up a bit short in covering the feet of larger kids when sitting in a double stroller. Rain boots may be necessary.

• Must remove or pull back to access kids. There is no zippered access to the front of the stroller.

• Can tear or rip. Be careful when putting on this cover—we see reports it can tear if you aren’t careful.

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