Best For Wreath Accents: Artificial Poinsettia Bouquet

When decorating a wreath, a pop of color is most welcome. We looked at a half dozen artificial poinsettia bouquets before deciding this is the best quality—and best bang for the buck.

What We Liked

• Touch of glitter.

• Bright red hue.

• Affordable.

• Sturdy.

• Pretty!

What Needs Work

• On the small side—the stem is about 13″ long with seven blooms. 

Best For Table Centerpieces: HOMESEASONS Pack of 2 10” Potted Pre-Lit Faux Poinsettia Arrangement

If you need to come up with quick and easy table centerpieces with a red color accent, these poinsettias are our choice. Great quality and, yes, they come in red painted metal pots.

What We Liked

 Pre-lit with LED lights.

• Great for a table centerpiece.

• Vibrant colors.

What Needs Work

• Batteries not included.

• So lightweight they can tip over—you may need to add some weight to the pots.

Best for Sparkles: Artificial Wedding Poinsettia Flowers

If you are looking for poinsettia flowers with bling (think wedding bouquet or home decor), these flowers packed the most sparkly punch among all the blooms we researched for this article. Simply lovely!

What We Liked

• Great for bouquets or garlands.

• White with silver glitter.

• So pretty!

What Needs Work

• Pins or clips to attach the blooms would be helpful. Instead you are on your own to figure out how to do that! 

• Glitter can get everywhere when handling.

Best Color Variety: WILLBOND 45 Pieces Poinsettia Decorations

Sure, red is the most famous color for artificial poinsettias, but white and gold are also available. We looked at several variety packs before settling on this set of poinsettia blooms as the best bang for the buck—45 flowers here in red, white and gold. Impressive quality.

What We Liked

• Affordable.

• Variety of colors makes it easier to decorate for table centerpieces, garlands.

• 5″ diameter is great size for bouquets.

• Glitter adds nice touch of bling.

What Needs Work

• Glitter gets everywhere when handled.

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