Best Nursing Pads

There are two options with nursing pads: disposable and reusable. Common sense tells you that reusable breast pads make the most economical sense, particularly if you plan to have more children. Still, if you aren’t a big leaker, don’t plan to breast feed for long or just need something quick and easy when you’re on the go, disposables are handy.

When we polled our readers recently on this subject, the majority preferred disposables. Those by Lansinoh pads were by far the favorite followed by Johnson & Johnson, Curity, Evenflo and Medela.

What’s the secret to these disposables nursing pads? The same type of super absorbent polymer that makes your baby’s diapers so absorbent. That makes them super thin too so you aren’t embarrassed by telltale “bulls-eyes” in your bra.

Moms also love the individually wrapped pads because they can just grab a couple and throw them in the diaper bag on the way out of the house. Interestingly, moms were divided on whether they like contoured or flat pads or those with adhesive strips or without—you may have to sample a few varieties to see what works best for you.


A reusable, washable option

If you prefer reusable, washable pads, Avent is our top pick based on our tests and reader feedback.

Another pad recommended by a reader is LilyPadz made from silicone; they are streamlined and reusable. They can be worn with or without a bra—more pricey, but a great pick based on our reader feedback.

Buying Advice

So how many nursing pads will you need? With disposable pads, buy the smaller package—don’t buy the giant-sized box. You may not need that many or may not like the brand. As for reusable pads, we recommend starting with three pair. That gives you one to wear, one to wash and an extra just in case.