Best Kids Swim Goggles Overall: OMERIL Swim Goggles

When it comes to swim goggles, we look for fit, comfort and how easy they are to adjust and put on/take off. The gaskets around the eyes should have a good seal. And if your kids are like ours—and they will promptly lose most pairs—affordability is another key factor!

For best overall kids’ swim goggles, we thought OMERIL’s two-pair package hit all the right notes with our kid testers: good quality, easy to adjust and still easy on the wallet. These fit kiddos aged 6 to 14, say the maker, but we think they run on the small side. That is, bigger/older kids may find them too small.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Anti-fog coating.

• 180-degree vision.

• Silicone gaskets for good seal.

• Strap that’s easy to adjust with quick release clasp.

• Flexible nose bridge. 

• Affordable. The goggles even come with 2 cases!

What Needs Work

• Fogging. Even with the anti-fog coating, some kids said these goggles still fogged up. We didn’t think this was a widespread issue, however.

• Gasket seal could be better. We didn’t see any leaking or issues in our testing, but we see reports from our readers that the seals didn’t work well for some kids. We still think these goggles are good quality and work well for most folks.

Best Mask-Style Kids Swim Goggles: KNGUVTH Kids Swim Goggles

Some kids don’t like the small swim goggles and are happier with larger, mask-style goggles. We hear you.

We tested a few mask-style goggles with actual kids of varying ages. We think KNGUVTH’s Kids Swim Goggles (2-pack) come out on top.

What We Liked

 Large vision area! Kids love this.

• Easy to adjust.

• Anti-fog and anti-UV coating.

• Easier to get on and off than regular goggles.

• No bridge issues.

• Strap releases with button on back. 

• Also includes 2 ear plugs and 2 nose pugs.

• Affordable. 

What Needs Work

• Clasp can be fragile. We didn’t have a problem with a clasp breaking during our tests, but we see how it could. It would be nice if it were more robust to prevent breakage.

• Heavier than regular goggles.

Best Goggles For Comfort: Speedo Unisex Child Swim Goggles

Some parents prefer a brand name when shopping for kids’ swim goggles—and that makes sense, since goggles can make the difference between a fun or not so fun time in the water.

Speedo is virtually synonymous with swim goggles, thanks to their overall great quality and durability.

Yes, these goggles can get pricey, but we think the Speedo goggles were a good balance between affordability and features.

What We Liked

• Panoramic lens. This pair we picked has blue lenses, but other styles have clear ones if you prefer.

• Easy to adjust.

• Gasket is less constricting compared to other goggles we tested. That makes kids happier.

• UV protection.

• Latex free.

• Anti-fog coating.

What’s Needs Work

• Short strap. This is an issue for older/bigger kids. These goggles are designed for kids aged 3 to 8, but we think the older ones may find the straps too short in our opinion.

• Strap can break. This is true for all swim goggles, of course.

• Foggy. Yes, these goggles have an anti-fog coating, but that doesn’t mean they will be fog free. We didn’t have a problem with this, but we see reports from our some of our readers that these goggles can fog up after longer term use.

Best Goggles Easy On/Off: Aegend Kids Swim Goggles

If your kid loves the water and plans to spend more time in water than most fish, it might be worth going for an upgraded swim goggle for kids. When we say upgrade, we look for goggles with better grade silicone seals, UV protection and hard case for storage.

There are plenty of good quality swim goggles out there, but we thought Aegend’s kids’ goggles were well made AND easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• UV protected lens with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Upgrade goggles = less scratching!

• Silicone frames. 

• Rear clasp for easier on/off. Less expensive goggles don’t have this feature.

• Button release = no hair snags when you take them off.

• Good seal, less leaking.

• Hard case.

What’s Needs Work

• Short strap. For older/bigger kiddos, these might be a bit tight.

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