Best Soap for Babies

We consulted top pediatricians and dermatologists to find the best soap recommendations for baby. And then we tested a dozen options by lathering up various newborns with different skin types.

The winner: Dove. That’s right, plain 'ol affordable Dove won the race. We liked the mild, moisturizing soap and the fact it has no dyes or strong scents.

Some parents might prefer shower gels or liquid soap, but these soaps can contain harsh chemicals including alcohol. Stick with a bar soap with fewer ingredients and little or no scent.

Yes, Dove has a mild aroma. If that bothers you, Dove makes a Sensitive version without scent. However, for most babies with normal skin, you can use standard Dove soap.

A few tips about eczema

What is eczema? It's a skin condition that causes itchy, red and inflamed skin. Some babies are born with it; others develop it after birth.

About 30 million Americans suffer from eczema. Eczema can be related to certain allergies (including food allergies). We recommend visiting with both a dermatologist and an allergist if your child’s condition is severe.

If your baby has eczema, we would recommend these soap options: CetaphilVanicream or CeraVe. Yes, they can be pricey.

It's even more important for babies with eczema to avoid liquid soaps (they have alcohol in them, a drying agent), perfumes, dyes or antibacterial soaps. If your baby has eczema, she should only bathe your baby once a week (unless she’s really dirty for some reason).

For itching, you can try over the counter hydrocortisone (1%). If you can’t control it with these tips, see your doctor for stronger medicine and new therapies.

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