Best Budget-Friendly: PINCHUANG 12Packs Animal Sleep Mask

Here’s a lesson we learned as parents of two boys—variety is the spice life. And having a back-up plan is also helpful.

For that reason, we liked this 12-pack of Animal Sleep Masks. Kids love to try out different things . . . and this pack was a hit with our testers for sheer variety. Another bonus: when your child loses his mask (93% chance), you’ll have plenty of spare masks.

What We Liked

• Soft fabric.

• Fun!

• Great for party favors.

• Elastic band with metal slider helps fit.

• Washable.

• Embroidery is nice touch.

What Needs Work

• No complete black-out. These masks let some light in. We think that is a plus, since kids tend to prefer that to total darkness, said our tester panel. But if your child wants a total blackout, this probably isn’t the right choice.

Best Princess Sleep Mask: AKOAK Pack of 2 Cute Girl’s Travel Princess Grown Sleeping Eye Shade

These sleep masks were a hit with a certain demographic of our kid testers! Super cute, yet soft, these are well made. We liked the embroidery and satin lining.

What We Liked

 Instagram ready!

• Pillowy soft.

• Satin lining.

• Washable.

What Needs Work

• Elastic band can break if not careful.

Best Unicorn Sleep Mask: Kids Sleep Mask, Aniwon 4 Pack

If you have a unicorn fan there at home, this set of 4 masks will not disappoint. Our testers loved them, saying they were soft and cute. And yes, they are hand washable.

What We Liked

• Very soft.

• Washable.

• 4 different designs.

What Needs Work

• Elastic strap can break if you aren’t careful!

• Fit can vary from mask to mask.

Best Animal Sleep Mask: Cute Novelty Cartoon Animal Sleeping Sleep Mask

If your child prefers animals to unicorns, this clever brand of sleep masks has a wide variety of choices. And we mean WIDE variety—30 at last count. There’s something for everyone here, from the fox (linked in this article) to bunnies, sheep to cats. There’s even an alpaca.

Our testers loved these masks for their soft and clever design—boys, especially. Satin lining on inside was also a hit.

What We Liked

• 30 different choices.

• Adjustable strap.

• Plush fabric.

• Satin lining on inside.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Strap may be a bit long for younger kids.

• Don’t completely block out all light.

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