Best Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter: Advice & Tips

Like most refrigerators, Samsung recommends replacing the water filter every six months or 300 gallons. But with what filter?

Yes, you can purchase a Samsung water filter and they work fine. But what about third-party filters that cost much less? Do they work as well?

We asked our parent readers for their real-world experiences—and we learned that there were two opinion camps. 

Many folks loved the Samsung (OEM) filter . . . it lasted the longest (about six months) and worked well. It is also easy to install.

That said, other folks thought the third-party ones worked just as well—at a price that’s much easier on the wallet. Yes, they may not last as long (four or five months), but you can do the math: they still are much cheaper.

Whatever way you go, consider these important tips we learned from our readers who own Samsung refrigerators:

• After replacing the filter, run at least two gallons of water through it first. That’s because new filters may have some loose charcoal that can cause the water to be temporarily cloudy. 

• Read the installation instructions! We see scattered complaints from users who said their filters leaked or somehow didn’t perform well. After researching this a bit more, we think much of this stems from not installing it via the filter (or refrigerator) instructions.

• Don’t forget to reset the filter reminder. This must be done manually.

Now that we’ve got the tips out of the way, here are the Samsung refrigerator replacement water filters we’d recommend. These had the most customer satisfaction among the readers we interviewed.

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