Tips & Advice: The Best Popcorn Salt

To find the best popcorn salt, we went to work the old-fashioned way: we started with batches of freshly popped popcorn. Then we took eight brands of popcorn salt and started tasting!

FYI: We used the stove-top method of popcorn for these tests. When we narrowed down the field, we also tried air-popped popcorn to see if the best salt worked on these kernels as well.

For the salt to stick, we recommend using the stovetop method for making your popcorn. With air-popped popcorn, you have to put melted butter on your popcorn first so the salt can stick.

Here are a couple more tips when it comes to popcorn salt:

  • Finely ground salt is best. We found this sticks better to kernels.
  • Skip the Kosher salt. Yes, we love Kosher salt and it’s a staple in most kitchens—but the grains are too big to stick to most popcorn kernels.

Ok, enough tips! Here are the winners of our popcorn salt taste tests!

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