Best Portable Humidifier: Portable Mini Humidifier

Let’s talk mini humidifiers.

We define small or mini humidifiers as those that hold less than one liter of water. Many are USB-powered—that enables you to use it in a vehicle or other travel situation. Others are designed as desk humidifiers.

We tried out several models of these small humidifiers, both on a desk and in a vehicle. We looked for ease of use and how quiet they were.

For the best portable humidifier, we decided this model by Hiskfun is the best bet for most folks. We liked the two levels of mist and built-in nightlight. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Quiet!

• Compact, cute design. This humidifier is about 5″ tall and 3″ wide.

• LED night light.

• Auto-shutoff.

• USB power supply—great for travel or in-car use.

• Easy to use—just one button controls all the functions.

• Two modes: continuous spray or a spray every three seconds.

What Needs Work

• Mist volume could be greater. While we thought the mist level was adequate, we see reports from others who wished it put out more volume.

• 300 ml capacity = doesn’t last long before needing to be refilled. We got about 3.5 hours of use in continuous mode (the maker claims it can last 4 hours). Your mileage may vary depending on how dry the environment is.

• Filter (a cotton tube) must be replaced occasionally. 

Best Small Humidifier: URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier

When it comes to small humidifiers, we looked for two key features (in addition to quietness and ease of use): the ability to diffuse essential oils + a soft, glowing nightlight.

After trying out a few humidifiers that fit that bill, we pick URPOWER’s model OD1 small humidifier. It hit all the right notes: quiet, effective and a soft nightlight glow. And yes, this humidifier does a good job at diffusing essential oils. Plus the price is easy on the wallet.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• No filters to replace.

• 2 mist settings: continuous and intermittent.

• Very quiet.

• Kids loved the glowing night light, which can be changed to one of 7 colors.

• Easy to use.

• Affordable.

• Good for diffusing essential oils.

What Needs Work

• Very small capacity. This humidifier only holds 100 ml of water . . . that’s enough for 4-5 hours of mist (based on our real world tests). So it doesn’t last through the night. Hence, this humidifier is probably best for moderately dry climates. On the other hand, this humidifier works well in a small bedroom . . . which is where most folks use it!

• Green light can be bright in a bedroom. Even if you don’t use the nightlight, the green power light can be rather bright. Some folks resort to putting some tape over it. It would be nice if you could turn that light off . . . or at least dim it!


Best Desk Humidifier: AmuseND USB Cool Mist Humidifier with Night Light

For the best desk humidifier, we looked for models that were super quiet. And, yes, we know that artificial cactus are popular for these humidifiers . . . so we looked for that too.

After considering a few options, we thought AMuseND’s humidifier with night light is the best desk humidifier for most folks. Affordable and effective, we liked the larger 280 ml capacity tank and quiet operation. One caveat: this humidifier is NOT recommended by its maker for diffusing essential oils. If that is important, see the previous recommendation in this article.

What We Liked

• Cute design. Yes, the mist comes out of the silicone cactus on top.

• Quiet.

• Easy to use and set up.

• Includes extra cotton swab filter.

• Night light.

• USB powered.

What Needs Work

• Tank could be easier to open.

• Mist volume is low. But we thought it was adequate for desk use. 

Best Personal Humidifier: GENIANI Portable Small Cool Mist Humidifiers

One disadvantage to mini humidifiers is their small tanks—as little as 100 ml. That’s basically 3 ounces of water!

Small tanks require you to frequently refill the humidifier . . . which is not fun after a while.

For a mini humidifier that has a bigger tank, we’d recommend this mini humidifier by GENIANI. Yes, this model has a 250 ml tank—about two times the size of other models. That translates into a six hour running time, in our real world tests.

Yet this model is still compact in size: about 6″ tall and 3.4″ wide. That’s perfect for travel.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Ran for 6 hours in continuous mode in our tests. (The maker says it can run up to 18 hours on intermittent mode).

• Great for travel.

• 2 mist modes.

• Night light.

• Quiet!

• Easy to fill, thanks to top opening.

• Auto shut-off.

• Easy to clean. Yes, this humidifier has a cotton filter.

• BPA free.

What Needs Work

• Short cord.

• Requires once a week cleaning. 

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