Lactose-Free Powdered Milk 101

Let’s talk powdered milk, lactose-free.

So you might ask, how exactly is the lactose removed from powdered milk to make it lactose free?

Well, the most common way is for food makers to add lactase to regular cow’s milk. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, helping folks who are lactose-intolerant digest the milk. So technically speaking, lactose-free powdered milk still contains lactose—it is the addition of the enzyme that enables manufacturers to call it lactose-free.

Why use lactose-free powdered milk? Well, since it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, it is great for camping and other outdoor adventures. And yes, you can use this powdered milk in recipes.

We should note that some of the lactose-free powdered milk we tried is designed more as a beverage, with added sugar and other ingredients. That is less ideal for cooking, of course. That said, some folks prefer the taste of sweetened lactose-free powdered milk to regular version.

So after doing a blind taste test with several major brands, here are the ones we think are best.


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