Best Kids Goggles Ages 6+: POKONBOY 4 Pack Protective Goggles

We put together kids of varying ages to try out goggles, looking for comfort and fit . . . at a price that didn’t break the bank.

After looking at several options, we think POKONBOY’s 4-pack is the best for younger kids (ages 6+). These fit grade-school children as well, up to roughly age 12.

Our testers liked the light weight and anti-fog coating  . . . which worked to keep them from fogging up. Very comfortable. The bright colors were also a hit.

Best Kids Goggles Ages 12+: Frienda 4 Pairs Protective Goggles

These goggles are very similar in style and function as the above recommendation—except they are larger, sized for kids aged 12+. They are about half an inch wider. Otherwise, same good overall comfort and lightweight. Air slots for air flow keep them from fogging, which our kid testers said worked well.

The only caveat: they work better for small-size faces . . . so if you have bigger teens, they might be too small. In that case, you might have to step up to an adult-sized goggle.

Best Goggles Over Glasses: LJDJ Safety Goggles

If you need a mask that will fit over prescription glasses, we’d suggest this one from LJGJ.

Very comfortable, said our testers—and it has UVA/B protection, so it is good for outdoor activities.

We liked the fit here, which was very comfortable. Bonus: these goggles come with a carry bag and cleaning cloth. The only caveat: it is easy to scratch the lenses, in our opinion.

Best Budget-Friendly: 12 Pairs Eye Goggles

Got a birthday coming up and need goggles for an epic Nerf battle? We’d suggest this 12-pack, conveniently divided into two colors (red versus blue team!).

The wraparound design gives good visibility and the adjustable band is great for fitting even smaller kiddos. The price is also easy on the wallet!

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