Best Gua Sha Facial Tools: Tips & Advice

Asian beauty routines are super popular today and for good reason—they are often affordable and easy to follow!

Gua sha is used in Chinese beauty routines as a massage tool. Made from jade or rose quartz, these stones massage the face, neck or shoulders. As you might guess, these tools help the absorption of creams or moisturizers by rubbing them into the skin.

To find the best bets for this article, we tried some of these tools ourselves. We also asked our parent readers for their thoughts and advice.

Here are some frequent tips about gua sha facial tools.

• Some gua sha tools come with a stone, while others have a stone plus roller. 

• Pro tip: pop these tools in a refrigerator. The cool stone helps soothe puffy or irritated skin.

• Either jade or rose quartz worked well in our personal tests. We didn’t see a difference between the stones, in our opinion.

• Consider a kit with different shapes. Some gua sha facial tools come in kits with different size stones. This is helpful for use on more than just the face or neck (shoulders, for example).
• Don’t forget to wash the stone after each use!
Here are the gua sha facial tools we’re recommend:

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