The Best Children’s Magazine Subscriptions: Tips & Advice

A magazine subscription for a child is fun—who doesn’t like getting a colorful magazine in the mail? And with all the screen watching today, an old-school print magazine may be just what the doctor ordered.

Before you order a magazine subscription for your child, consider these tips:

• It takes a WHILE for that first print magazine issue to show up. We are talking six to ten weeks or more. Just be sure to set the expectations accordingly!

• Auto-renewal. Many of these subscriptions will auto-renew, sometimes at a higher rate. That may be fine if you want to continue the subscription . . . but if not, you can manage your subscriptions right from your account page. And yes, you can turn off the auto-renewal if you wish.

• Digital versions. If you wish, you can get many magazines delivered digitally—and that’s nice if your child doesn’t have the patience to wait for that first print issue to come in weeks down the road.

We asked our parent readers for their favorite child magazine subscriptions—here are the top picks!

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