Best First-Time Mom Belly Band for Pregnancy: KeaBabies Maternity Belly Band

When it comes to belly bands for pregnancy, one size does not fit all. That’s what we’ve learned over the years, reviewing these products and talking with our readers about what works.

For first-time pregnancies, a smaller belly band will work for most folks (unless you are having twins). In this category, we tried out 10 different options before deciding KeaBabies belly band is the best bet. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Comfortable to wear.

• Easy to put on.

• Stretchy, breathable fabric. 

• Two sizes: regular and extra large. The “one-size” regular band fits up to 47″, while the extra large goes up to 55″.

• Great for postpartum as well.

• Hides easily under clothes.

What Needs Work

• A bit bulky said some of our mom testers. It’s not exactly a stealth belly band, as it can be seen under clothes.

• Sometimes shifts around as you move.

Best Light Support Belly Band for Pregnancy: Rheane Seamless Belly Band

For postpartum (or earlier in a pregnancy), you may only need a belly band with light support. After testing several options, we thought Rheane’s seamless belly band is the best bet—and easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• Breathable, elastic fabric.

• Doesn’t slide down. That’s thanks to a silicone band at the bottom.

• Includes extenders.

• Four sizes and two colors available.

• Helps keep your pants up. 

• A touch of compression.

What Needs Work

• Stretches with use. That’s true with many belly bands, but this one probably more so since it is more fabric and less belt.

• Washing issues. We didn’t have a problem with the one we tested, but see reports that the seams can split after washing. We’re not sure if this is caused by inconsistent quality, but it would be great if the maker would keep a tighter eye on quality control.

Best Custom Fit Belly Band for Pregnancy: NEOtech Care Maternity Belt

Most of the belly bands for pregnancy we tested are one size fits all. If only the world was so simple!

The truth is first time moms need a different band than second-time moms, who tend to get bigger earlier/overall. And moms-to-be of twins? Forget about that one-size fits all!

We tried out several belts that came in different sizes before deciding that NEOtech Care’s maternity belt is the best bet here.

What We Liked

• FIVE sizes! Medium is probably best for most folks, but if you are having twins you may want to take a closer look at the X-Large and 2X-large sizes!

• Easy to put on.

• Good support, sturdy.

• Three colors: black, white, beige.

• Comfortable. We liked the cushioned abdominal pad, as well as the multi-layered laminate fabric with elastic.

What Needs Work

• Hot said some of our testers. This band isn’t breathable as others.

• Three pieces to put on = more effort than other bands.

• Slides around occasionally.

• Not as easy to hide.

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